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Safes - Protection For Your Valuables

We are a licensed dealer and installer of premium safe manufacturers, Gardall and Amsec for the Suffolk County region.

We can order and install any safe and welcome you to visit our safes on display at our store. We would be happy to guide you to the right choice for your needs. 

Our best selling safes include gun safes and jewelry safes. We have many types including drop safes (with cash drawer), in-floor, fireproof and wall safes. 

Gardall Jewelry Safe

Our most popular safe for jewelry- we can't keep these in our store!


The exterior of this beautiful safe is off-white with a brass combination lock and handle.


The real surprise is the velvet lined burled wood drawers on the inside.


All safes sold with installation by us.

Amsec Gun Safe

This large safe is perfect for storing guns, ammunition, money etc.

During installation, this safe will be bolted to the floor from the inside of the safe.

Residential and Commercial Safes

Left :

In-wall safe that is sized to fit in between wall studs. A mirror or picture can be placed over the front.


Commercial cash management safe with cash drop drawer.

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